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A generation in the Bible

Only half the story of the Bible is being told today. Yes, those claiming to be religious and “Bible-engaged” are declining. But there is a new wave of truth-seekers not content to hear second-hand information about God’s Word. While many see only negative statistics when it comes to faith, we believe there is a Bible revival unfolding. From 2016 until today, those using digital platforms to engage God’s Word has exploded from 200 to over 400 million people worldwide, and the numbers are growing. Imagine if the world found its 2020 vision from the Word of God. Imagine more people, in the Bible more than at any other time in history.
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Awakening began with a book…

It has happened before. The story of Josiah in 2 Kings offers a blueprint for what we pray will happen in 2020. When things were at their worst, the Book of the Law was rediscovered, and the nation was changed. Change didn’t come from an eloquent speech, but simply by the public reading of Scripture. From the least to the greatest, an entire nation recommitted themselves to God on a single day. Imagine what God can do with an entire year as we commit to elevate Scripture across the nation.

Read 2 Kings 22-23


Year of the Bible unfolds in three steps
Start a Conversation

Year of the Bible is driving a conversation about the Bible for everyone. The Bible has been misunderstood, misused, and abused. Through a global media campaign, YOTB aims to drive a conversation to reframe Scripture—getting people to engage and reconsider the most influential book in history. Every voice is welcome. We want the Bible being discussed everywhere.

Sign the declaration
Year of the Bible is calling the Church to a Declaration of Dependence on the Bible. We want to see tens of thousands of churches, and millions of individuals sign and share a simple declaration that “the Bible is for me” with a new or renewed commitment to read Scripture in 2020. Statement of Faith
Declaration: I read the Bible.
It is the inspired Word of God, and has the power to change lives. I recognize that the more I engage with Scripture, the more I encounter and know Jesus. Throughout history, the Bible has offered wisdom and hope to all who are willing to read, and apply it in context. Toward this end, I am adding my voice as one of many who are both committing personally, and calling others to engage the Bible this year more than ever before.
Call to Action

Year of the Bible is inviting millions to engage God's word, both personally and collectively, in deeper ways than ever before. For many, this might mean taking the first step, so we want to provide some simple ways for you to get started. Click the links below to continue your journey!

1. Pray
This campaign does not begin with a marketing launch or promo stunt. It begins in a quiet room as we willingly submit ourselves to God. Year of the Bible is inviting believers to start 2020 by fasting and praying for God’s vision for their lives.
2. Hear
Listen to the Bible and let it speak! Connect to the audio-Bible and hear the Word or attend a public reading of Scripture in your city or in your church. Begin to hear what the Bible says. and discover the powerful and riveting message that God has for you today!
3. Read
Today, the Bible is available in various formats, including print and digital. Never before in history has the Bible been more accessible. The YouVersion Bible App, downloaded on more than 390 million devices worldwide, is available for free at
4. Share
The Year of the Bible is not only about engaging the Bible but sharing it with others. We are part of the global effort of evangelism in 2020 as God has called us to put feet to our prayers and to be bold in our faith!
5. Do
The New Testament book of James chapter 1:22 tells us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Year of the Bible seeks people to begin engaging the Word so they can apply what it says in their lives!


Our Aim

Together Launch

Together 2020 will be an immersive experience of art, music, and culture that draws the next generation to encounter Jesus in Scripture. This massive campaign kicks off on October 25 in D.C., featuring Tye Tribbett, KB, and Gawvi, and a D.C. Worship Collective.

Together 2020

Lincoln Memorial | June 20, 2020

Together 2020 will be an immersive creative experience centered on the Bible—inviting the next generation to explore, engage with, and ultimately embrace the message of Jesus found in Scripture. In addition to the incredible music and speakers that Together is known for, 2020 will also include engagement opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Together, we’ll experience what it means to live a life focused on Jesus.

Together 2020