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Your leadership is needed to help people find perspective in the pandemic.

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The perspective the world needs in the pandemic is found in the pages of scripture.

What started as the idea in 2019 to declare 2020 the year of the Bible, we had no idea how important or timely that would be.

We saw how many groups were launching their “big visions” in 2020 for many worthwhile causes, but we asked, “What if the big vision was to come back to God’s Vision? To make 2020 the year to do the largest Bible related campaign in history?”

As we launched we had no idea that the entire globe would be shaken down to the core and we would all be stuck inside looking for something to help us make sense of a global catastrophe…

You can help a generation encounter God in scripture.

Only half of the story of the Bible is being told today. Those claiming to be religious and “Bible-engaged” are declining, but there is a new wave of truth-seekers who are not content to hear second-hand information about God’s Word. While many see only negative statistics when it comes to faith, we believe there is a Bible revival unfolding. From 2016 until today, those using digital platforms to engage God’s Word has exploded from 200 to over 400 million people worldwide, and the numbers are growing.

Imagine if the world found its 2020 vision from the Word of God. Imagine more people, in the Bible more than at any other time in history.

It's happened before...

The story of Josiah in 2 Kings offers a blueprint for what we pray will happen in 2020.

When things were at their worst, the Book of the Law was rediscovered, and the nation was changed.

Change didn’t come from an eloquent speech, but simply by the public reading of Scripture. From the least to the greatest, an entire nation recommitted itself to God on a single day.

Imagine what God can do with an entire year as we commit to elevate Scripture across the nation.

There are 4 ways for you to get involved:

  1. Dive into the Bible to receive God’s Perspective

    As a leader it is important that you are engaging with the Bible personally.

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  2. Engage with the Leader Check-In content

    This is curated content from some of the most trusted Christian leaders of our time, to help us understand what God is saying and how to lead effectively in this unprecedented time.

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  3. Become an intercessor

    Join our intercessor team to receive updates and join conference calls to pray for the success of this historic campaign.

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  4. Download the YOTB sermon outline

    This is a powerful outline that will help you articulate God’s perspective from His word.

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Year of the Bible is a global campaign to see more people in the Bible, more. The campaign is mobilizing individuals and churches to declare, engage, and create in response to the most influential book in history.

Year of the Bible is a coalition effort put on by many churches and organizations. The main organizing ministry is The Table Coalition, which exists to catalyze partnership within the American church so that more people can know Jesus.

Currently, more than a dozen national ministries are part of a core team speaking into Year of the Bible efforts. Beyond this, thousands of churches, ministries, and individuals are adopting and making Year of the Bible their own. Over 100 nations are involved.

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